Internships through Opportunity NOW

January 24, 2017

Internships through Opportunity NOW

from Opportunity NOW:


January 2016: Internships through Opportunity NOW

Empower Nashville's youth in your own organization!

Through the Opportunity NOW program, you can:

1. Continue your great work in the community by providing paid High School Internships to students

2. Review applicants through the Opportunity NOW portal to identify young people with whom you may have had prior relationships

3. Provide meaningful worksites, engaged supervisors, and quality opportunities for young people to observe the work place, learn new skills, and contribute


Please consider collaborating with this initiative to help transform the next generation of workforce in Nashville.

Benefits for Internship Worksites:

  • The internship program provides an employer of record, where payroll, FICA, and workers compensations insurance are handled by Opportunity NOW
  • Young people will receive individualized coaching and ongoing work-readiness throughout the summer through Opportunity NOW
  • Support diverse and otherwise untargeted youth populations through a short-term, high-impact experience

 Apply NOW!

Fill out the High School Internship Application here or email directly to request an application.

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