Greetings and Happy 2017!

January 4, 2017

Greetings and Happy 2017!

 by CNM President & CEO Tari Hughes

It’s the New Year when all seems fresh and the possibilities are endless. It certainly feels that way in my new role as CEO of CNM. I am full of energy and questions about how CNM can help you deliver more impact, efficiently and effectively.

Our sector has a profound effect on the economy of Middle Tennessee:

  • It comprises 15.3 percent of all regional employment
  • The nonprofit sector’s total contribution (direct, indirect, and induced) to business revenue in the Nashville MSA is over $20 billion annually, accounting for 15% percent of the Nashville MSA’s business revenue.

That’s a big deal! And our members – YOU – are the ones who make this happen.

At CNM, we like to say "Your Mission is Our Mission." And by that I mean that CNM exists to create and sustain excellence in the social sector – nonprofit agencies of all sizes and descriptions all over Middle Tennessee. We have a 30-year legacy of offering training, workshops, consulting, connecting, maintaining a robust job bank service, and much more. We strive to help you build capacity in your own organizations and to collaborate with one another on large-scale community projects.

For us, 2017 will include a lot of listening as we embark on a planning and visioning process that will help us craft CNM 2.0. It will be a very inclusive process as we ask questions and listen to our member agencies, community funders, board members and volunteers, and local government officials.

Some of the things we’ll be considering include:

  • Exploring ways to expand and further engage membership
  • Staying on top of trends, talent and best practices in our education and consulting offerings.
  • System level thinking and community approaches to problem solving
  • Promoting overall sector health and growth

I have been part of the nonprofit community for most of my career and I believe the nonprofit sector is transformational. It has an obvious impact on the patrons, clients, and guests who are served every day, but it also transforms those of us who serve our community. The staff, volunteers, and board members who give selflessly of their time and resources but are rewarded tenfold. Service changes us as we work to impact others.

I am so excited to be a part of this work in our community. I believe the future is bright for our sector and look forward to working with you to achieve your aspirations and goals.


CEOs, don't miss the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with Tari at the January CEO Conversations session on January 18, 8-9:30. Register for this free event here.

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