Checking in with "30 in their 30s" - Southwest gift card

January 17, 2017

Checking in with

As a reward for their exceptional nonprofit leadership, the "30 in their 30s" honorees received a generous $250 Southwest gift card in the fall of 2016. What were some of their reactions, and how did they use the card?


“I can’t wait to visit my sister and her kids out in San Francisco!” –Jenny Carr, Centerstone Military Services

“It was such a happy surprise to receive the Southwest gift card and I am looking forward to putting it to good use. My wife and I just welcomed a baby boy (our second), and we will be using the gift card to help ‘spread the love’ with a visit to see the grandparents in New York. :) We are grateful for that opportunity!” –Brent Elrod, Urban Housing Solutions

“While I do not have anything planned during the next couple of months, I am looking forward to applying this to travels to reconnect with old friends out on the West Coast. It’s been a while since I’ve been to San Francisco, so will probably venture that way.” –Paul Fowler, Friends of Warner Parks

“My husband and I love Southwest and this was right on time! We'll be spending Christmas in New York so this gift card will help us take that trip.” –Tiffany Patton, Girls on the Run of Middle Tennessee

                                                         All smiles from the recipients:

Samantha Sanchez, Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services


 Andrae P. Crismon, Legal Aid Society


 Ruthie Huggins, LEAD Public Schools

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