Is your organization ready to "be transformational"?

February 28, 2017

Is your organization ready to

D.C. Dreger (ACFRE) and Christa Mannarino are leading a breakout session at Bridge to Excellence about how to create big social changes through alignment, advocacy, and alliances. Read more about their perspective below:

Do you think your organization could be one that creates societal change, an organization that can make a profound, lasting difference in your community? Learn stepping stones to becoming that lighthouse organization and work alongside session facilitators to develop action steps that you can take tomorrow.

The focus is on how the organization can create societal change, and then how the organization itself will change. These changes help to create a more fundable organization, with higher visibility and transformational impact.

Sadly, too many NPOs are focused on their own cause and do not see the value and implications of societal impact when partnering with other organizations serving related causes. Does a homeless cause care about the blind, nutrition about cancer, alcoholism about animal therapy? Not generally! But there are interconnected aspects of many causes that could be rooted out, adapted and adopted, to create a social movement in community to address not just one aspect of a cause but make a major impact on many causes.

With this session, you can begin the process of creating alignment among stakeholders - staff, board, donors, internal and external communications; addressing challenges to transformational change; uncovering the program where change and adaptation will most easily occur; and developing activities and talking points to radically alter the organization's impact on behalf of the cause.

With a visionary goal that has the impetus of the whole organization, participants can approach government and community leaders, other influential nonprofits, and major donors to ask that they join with you to address societal change in an innovative, effective, and profound way.

Learn more at the May 11 Bridge to Excellence nonprofit conference "The Science of Social Change: How To Fund It and How To Sell It." Click here for more information and registration.

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