April 2019

Legislative Update April 23, 2019

These selected bills are included either because they impact nonprofits and the nonprofit sector or because they address key issues that many nonprofits are following. The General Assembly is expected to adjourn by mid-May but there is no guarantee, as the House and senate must agree on the budget. Most committees other than Finance have shut down or will shut down this week.  


Medicaid Block Grant for Tennessee?

Many in our sector are following a current bill in the TN General Assembly that requests a  Medicaid Block Grant from the federal government.  Clifton Government Relations provides here some history of TennCare and the Medicaid program.  


Consulting through an Equity Lens with Phyllis Hildreth

Consulting through an Equity Lens with Phyllis Hildreth

How can consultants apply an equity lens through their projects? CNM recently welcomed Phyllis Hildreth, Vice President for Strategy and Institutional Advancement at American Baptist College, to facilitate this conversation with our consultants. Read more and explore links and resources in this post.

128,000 Children Purged from TennCare

Read this summary of the news about the 128,000 Tennessee children recently purged from TennCare, written by Tony Garr, Legislative Liaison and Research Coordinator at Clifton Government Relations.

Legislative Update April 5, 2019

Read the latest updates on select bills impacting CNM members.  Thanks to our partner, Stewart Clifton.  

Consultant Spotlight: Susan Chapman, Governance, Communications and Events Expert

Our first consultant spotlight is one of our experts in communications, fund development, and governance, Susan Chapman. Susan has 27 years of experience in these areas and has worked with many organizations in the Nashville area such as Exchange Club Family Center and the University School of Nashville. We were fortunate to hear from Susan about her experience as a CNM consultant and the insight that she has gained from her consulting experience with us.