Road to Conference: What do your donors want?

April 30, 2013

by Debb Wilcox

As financial and time resources become limited in difficult economic times, and more and more demand is made for those resources, the promise of “doing good work” is no longer enough to stimulate donations.

Behind the veil of mystery and assumptions as to what motivates donors lie the clear needs that drive them to give or not to give to your organization. In this day of the Internet and Social Media, data about such issues abound. But “data” is one thing; “useful data” is the thing.

Uncovering the veil to yield meaningful and relevant data is key to help make the challenging task of fundraising a bit easier. In most situations the best way to glean insight specifically about your donors and your potential donors is to collect it first-hand. This takes forethought and proper planning. During the session on May 16th, we will review some examples of what others have learned from conducting research for fundraising efforts using CNM and OpinionPoint..

I look forward to sharing some of the proven research techniques used by OpinionPoint. You will learn about collecting data so you can determine what resonates with your donors and avoid sending messages that may actually drive donors away.

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