Featured Friday: Tennesseans for Student Success

August 11, 2017

Featured Friday: Tennesseans for Student Success

Mission: Tennesseans for Student Success is committed to improving student achievement in the Volunteer State.

Tennesseans for Student Success, is a nonprofit organization that deals with issue advocacy for education in Tennessee.  They work to build a coalition between educators and educational leaders for: teachers, administrators, parents and the community.  Their main focus is fighting for parent choice, adequate, and across the board assessment of students, and higher standards in education.

I had the pleasure of speaking with their Operations Manager, Brooke Gray on her position with the organization to gain more insight.

On a day to day basis, Brooke states that she is more of a behind the scenes person with Tennesseans for Student Success.  She works closely with their President/CEO Adam Lister, but a bit more on the financial side (she is the person who works on their budget).  Brooke recently attended CNM’s “Understanding Strategic Planning” workshop because, they’re preparing to undergo the strategic planning process in the upcoming months.  She also oversees the programmatic development and makes sure that everything stays on track at Tennesseans for Student Success.

When asked what she loves most about working in a nonprofit like Tennesseans for Student Success, Brooke responded “This is more rewarding than just going to a job every day.  Even though it’s a job, you get to see the benefits of what you’re doing”. 

Brooke also says that even though she’s held an administrative role in the past, she always felt as though she was just doing her job.  At Tennesseans for Student Success she has similar tasks, but she knows that there is a bigger picture, since she has a daughter that attends public schools.

“It’s rewarding to know that the work I do will not only benefit my daughter, but also children in the future, and that’s what makes it exciting”. 

Brooke wants others to know, if they have any questions, concerns, or interests about education in Tennessee, they are always looking to enroll more members to their coalition.  Tennesseans for Student Success would love for anyone interested to reach out, voice their opinions, and be heard.  They would love to help interested individuals make the right connections.

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