Certificate Programs

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Become certified in a key success area.

It's our mission to create and sustain nonprofit excellence. One of the ways we work to achieve this is through our Certificate Programs. Nonprofit professionals can earn a Certificate by completing a specified track of workshops within a program.

Click on the name of a Certificate Program listed under "The Programs" below to learn more about each.

For the full list of workshops for each Certificate Program, click here.


                                                                                           THE PROGRAMS

CNM Certificates are designed around the key areas necessary for a nonprofit’s success. Click each Certificate name below to learn more about that program:

Nonprofit Leadership

Revenue Development

Program Management

Power Funders

Human Resources

Volunteer Management

                                         Nonprofit Essentials (introductory series)


                                                                                        THE ADVANTAGES

Are you looking for a promotion or a more attractive resume? Do you want to improve your skills in order to further your organization’s mission? Completing a Certificate program will advance your nonprofit career, but all in the name of bettering the community. It’s that simple.


                                                                                       THE TESTIMONIES

In a 2015 survey of certificate holders, a huge majority reported that the certificates improved their ability to do their jobs, and over 75 percent of this group would strongly recommend the CNM certificate program to his/her colleagues.



                                                                                          THE NEXT STEP

Email Education Manager Callie Elliott at callie@cnm.org to enroll in a Certificate Program or in the Nonprofit Essentials introductory series. Also, please note that you do have the option of opting in to multiple programs at once.


Please note that if you were previously enrolled in a Certificate Program, the program classes you have already taken will still be applied towards your Certificate.

Certificate Discount: The final class for those participants completing any CNM certificate program within a two year period will be free of charge. This is our way of congratulating you for your commitment and hard work!